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Progress on the texturing and lighting fronts

So I’ve been gradually working my way through Real Time Rendering (Third Edition) and with what I have learned so far, along with bits of help from folks on the forums when I’ve gotten stuck, I’ve managed to make some further progress with texturing, and also implement some basic directional lighting. Check […]

The guardians of light

I have a lot to learn. Several times I have come up to fight the first lighting bosses, only to be smacked down in an overwhelming maelstrom of calculations. Yes I could of course just use the shader code I’m given, but what power do I really wield if I […]

I can haz rotation in 3D?

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed and astounded. I have written code, from scratch (yes that means I did not copy from any book), to rotate vectors in 3D around arbitrary axes. Behold: Because it’s all JavaScript and (almost no) HTML, you can view and steal the source code […]


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